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Fast, efficient and safe, our world class facilities provide:

N +1 Redundancy Environment:  
There is no single point of failure within the centre or the network it connects to. If one point does fail, the remaining 'n' component would take up the load with no reduction in performance or capacity.  

Mission-critical Internet operations require the highest-level security features, and our Data Centre deliver industry-leading, multi-layered, security. All areas of the centre are monitored and recorded using digitally recorded and archived Close Circuit Television, and all access points are controlled.  

24 hour manned on site security guards:  
Our Data Centre uses security personnel from Chubb, one of the world's largest and best-known security agencies  

All aspects of the facility are monitored and recorded via colour, hi-resolution video cameras. This data is then archived for 30 days.  

Security screening:  
No individual will gain access to the facility without having his or her visit previously scheduled. Our Data Centre has the ability to track individual people in all our facilities as the Hand Geometry readers required for access to the centre is time stamped.  

Security management system:  
All physical access to the facility is obtained via swipe card and pin access. The next level of security within the Data Centre is via hand biometrics. No one is allowed access to the facility without a pre-scheduled visit (except in the case of emergency).  

Power Distribution:  
Generator Fuel Capacity has 80 hours fuel stored on site in two tanks with cross connection valving.  

Fire Detection / Suppression:  
Our Data Centre is protected with a dual-alarmed, dual-interlock multi-zoned, dry-pipe, water-based fire suppression system armed with sensory mechanisms (VESDA) to sample the air and sound alarms prior to pressurisation. Production area fire suppression is provided by a multi-zoned, pre-action, dry-pipe system. In order for the system to trip, multiple cross-linked events must occur. These include detection by ceiling mounted smoke-heads and smoke "sniffers" located throughout the facility. Lastly a sprinkler head must trip in order for the dry-pipe system to activate. Fire suppression is localised at the event point only.  

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